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Visiting the Farm

Closed for the 2021 season

We want to thank all of you who joined us in 2020 for our opening year.  Unfortunately as a farmer, you are sometimes at the mercy of Mother Nature.  2021 has been a challenging year.  The snow melted early and the lavender came out of dormancy looking fantastic.  Warm weather brought our plants on quickly and buds started to form throughout the fields.  At the end of May, we were hit with 2 nights of frost, temperature dropped below 0 degrees Celsius at ground level and our plants were hit hard.  All of our emerging buds and new growth died off.  Its heartbreaking to think about it, just two nights of bad weather devastated our crop.  Our field is slowly recovering and we expect to have fantastic crop in 2022 which we hope you will join us than.  For the 2021 season however, we will be keeping our farm gates closed, taking the year to learn how to prevent this from happening in future years, enjoying our family and planning some exciting new things for the farm in the coming years.

We hope you will join us next year for our 2022 bloom!