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Our premium Lavender and Sunflower Honey comes directly from our own backyard! No processing, heating or enhancements, just 100% pure raw honey. 


Our hives sat amongst 3,000 blooming lavender plants and 10,000 sunflowers to achieve the delicately sweet floral taste. Timing is everything to ensure a premium product, so hives are only placed in our field right at the start of our lavender bloom. Bees can travel up to 5 miles to collect nectar, but if placed in a highly concentrated area (our lavender field!) they will be happy working right next to their home! Once the lavender and sunflower bloom is complete, the hives are harvested right away, leaving us with a golden, sweet honey that has to be tried to be believed.


Jars are 250g each.

Lavender and Sunflower Honey

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