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Our Farm

South Bay Fields is a lavender farm situated in the village of Nottawa, just on the outskirts of Collingwood.  The family owned operation dedicates several of its 18 acres to growing Lavender, Wildflowers and Sunflowers, keeping the remaining acreage planted with switch grass, which provide a rural backdrop to the picturesque purple rows.  

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Both English (Lavandula Angustifolia) and French (Lavandula Intermedia) lavender are planted at South Bay Fields.  The hardiest of our English lavender, Folgate, will be the first cultivar in bloom and is expected for early to mid-July.  Following that, Royal Velvet, SuperBlue, Munstead, Hidcote and Big Time Blue are the remaining English cultivars which will fill 3/4's of the field.  In the centers of the rows a unique English cultivar is planted to give a bit of variety to the purple scenery.  Melissa is a very sweet lavender cultivar commonly used in culinary creations.  It's bloom is not purple, it has a unique white/light pink bloom and is a beautiful contrast to the purple rows.

We have a single cultivar of French lavender, Phenomenal.  French lavender does not fare well over the winter in our environmental zone, however it is well worth the risk to grow this cultivar.  Phenomenal will grow to be a larger plant and produces more lavender per plant than the English cultivars.  Phenomenal is also fantastic for distilling as it has a higher camphor content than English varieties, making the oil ideal for freshening rooms, repelling insects and clearing congestion.

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