Our Journey

Established in 2017...

The DiFruscia family purchased just over 18 acres of land with the dream of turning this beautiful parcel into a working farm....

Laying the groundwork...

With our Lavender being pesticide-free, we needed a weed control method which didn't involve us being out on hands and knees all spring and summer long.  Before any plants went in the ground, we lay down a woven weed barrier, which lets moisture in but inhibits weed growth. Under the black sheets, a drip irrigation system allows us to keep the roots sufficiently watered.

This Lavandula Angustifolia (English Lavender) was the first plant in the ground.  It is Munstead and is one of the 7 different cultivars we have on the farm.  With over 3000 plants needing to be meticulously hand planted, the whole family needed to lend a hand.

The first plant....

This pristine field has over 3000 freshly planted Lavender plugs, ready to be cared for and grown over the next year.  In the first year, these little plants will grow in size by about 10 fold and can produce gorgeous fragrant purple flowers.  However, we pruned off the majority of buds allowing the plants' growth to concentrate on establishing a strong root system in preparation for survival through our harsh winters.

3000 plants later...

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