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Our dried lavender bundles are hand picked and hung to dry for several weeks before we clean the stems and package.  We have several varieties available which differ slightly in colour, fragrance and size.


SuperBlue:  A vibrant, dense blue bundle of English lavender.  Stems are short and ideal for shorter vases.  Can be used for culinary purposes

Melissa: A white English lavender.  Has short stems and is ideal for shorter vases.  Has a sweet, almost peppery scent and taste.  Ideal for culinary purposes.

Royal Velvet: English lavender.  Has a beautiful blue colour.  It is more wispier and not as dense as SuperBlue.  Medium length stem.  Can be used for culinary purposes.

Phenomenal: French lavender.  Has a light blue colour and a sharp scent.  Buds are great for crafting and sachets, but should not be used for culinary purposes.

Mixed English: Our mixed bundle is a combination of both Blue and White English lavender.  Both short/medium stemmed English lavender in the same bundle make for a beautiful arrangement.


Lavender Dried Bundles

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